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 Rev Harry Wuerch

 General Secretary 


October. 2003

Dear Fellow Ministers: 

May the blessing of the Lord be your portion as you labour in your field of harvest.

It seems almost impossible to think that the Fall is coming so hastily.  I don't always like what follows Fall, although Fall is the favourite time of year for me weather wise.

We are living in a very special time.  It certainly is a time for all of us to seek the face of the Lord, and call upon Him for an outpouring of His Spirit.  Looking at our political field we see  signs showing us that we don't have to much longer to work in this day of grace.  There is much unrest everywhere.  We as the Church of God have a very special task to fulfill.  Yet, we are not powerful enough to bring about this change that is needed.  Only our God can do this.  So, we must learn to be in tune with Almighty God.  Even as Jesus prayed and sought the will of God for His life, so must we.  This is why Jesus was so powerful.  He walked in obedience to the will of God.   Whatever God would have Him do there was no hesitation inside of himself  because God's will motivated Him.

God's power is just the same today as it was two thousand years ago.  As we walk in the grace of God we will become victorious ministers.  Not only will we be victorious, but we will lead others into being victorious Christians.  We know that this is what Jesus in coming back for, a church without spot or wrinkle.

We as Christian leaders are going to have to take a stand against political pressure that is wanting to change the rules of marriage.  If we don't protest it will not stop with gay and lesbian marriages.  This will only be the beginning of unrighteousness being revealed in legislation.  Judges have not been put into office to make new rules, but to uphold the rules that are in place.  Our judges have violated our charter of rights.  Rules must be made by the people that put politicians into office.  We as ministers need to either phone our politicians or write them letters. Our church people need to do the same. The politicians must know where we stand, and what we stand for.  Nothing about same sex marriages makes any sense.   Marriage was for the promotion of the family and for companionship.  Same sex marriage does not promote the family unit, it only frustrates it. We as a church must act in a responsible manner. I'm thinking of a scripture that reads -- 1 Peter 4:17, 18 "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?"

May you and your people make your voice known to those politicians that have been put into office to speak for the people in your community. If we all do this, it will change the way our country is ruled, and bring about good change.

May the Lord bless and keep you and make His face to shine upon you

Rev Harry Wuerch, 

General Secretary for Canada

1211 Lancaster Street

London, Ontario N5V 2C4


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I need to remind you that the time of renewals is upon us.  Enclosed you will find your forms #3, and #4. This year the renewals fee is

$100.00 if sent in by the 31st of January.  After January there will be a penalty of $30.  If you renew in February the cost will be $130.  So renew early and save $30.  Also for all ministers 75 years and over your renewals fee is free.  All you need to do is give us your year and day of birth and we will gladly renew your credentials with no charge.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. This last year was a very favorable year for early renewals, so let us make this year even better.  We also ask that you send us your address changes so we will not have returned mail, and we will be good stewards of God's finances.

Rev Harry Wuerch

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 The late Pastor Owl's wife Christine from Massey, Ontario passed away on September 1st.   Rev Esau Mitchell from Southampton, Ontario also passed away in May.  Rev Julie Smith from Toronto, Ontario passed away in August.   She was a member of the IAOGI may years ago.  None of these are Compassion Members.


The dates for the National Convention are May 3-6th 2004. The Lord willing we are looking in Quebec for a site. We hope to announce the site information within the next few days.

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There were 55 registrants plus a number of guests that participated in a very powerful and intimate time of spiritual sharing at our provincial convention, June 17-19 at the Coast Abbotsford Hotel in Abbotsford, BC.  On Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon there were extended times of sharing by the members that were present.  Wednesday morning provided an opportunity for us to become more deeply acquainted with one another, then for two and one-half hours on Thursday afternoon we became more deeply acquainted with one another's needs.  Such intimate sharing resulted in personal and powerful praying for one another!  It continued on one hour beyond the scheduled time.  Without doubt, these are days of great trial, and we desperately need one another's support for strength in the forthcoming spiritual battles.

Harry Wuerch, our National General Secretary shared a detailed description of the Constitution and By-laws of the IAOGI.  The thrust of his sharing magnified the fact that each Church or Ministry led by members of the  fellowship is a sovereign, self-governing body.  He noted that while that is implied in the word, "independent," we are in fact "interdependent" upon one another within the IAOGI.  A member's attendance at regional, provincial, or national gatherings is an expression of our desire to be interdependent.   In Northern British Columbia, the vast distances between us prohibits our gathering bi-monthly for regional gatherings.  In Southern British Columbia, there are bi-monthly regional meetings.  The next such meeting is scheduled for Sept. 20/03 at Andreas Restaurant , 20227-56th. Avenue in Langley.   A motion was passed this year at the National Convention that it is required that members of the IAOGI attend a Provincial or National Convention at least once every three years.  The purpose of being a member is to enter into and be strengthened by participating in relationships within the fellowship.

All of the speakers, Harry Wuerch, Colin Wellard, Ron Gray, and Arlo Johnson shared on different aspects of raising up the next generation of spiritual leaders in the church.  Some have asked for a quote taken from a writing by David Demian of Watchmen for the Nations, so we will include that quote as follows:-  "Young visionaries, the "sons" struggle to communicate with the older established ministries, the "fathers."  Sensing they are misunderstood, the sons rebel and dishonor the fathers. The fathers, feeling rejected and wounded, abandon and oppose them. The sons, unprotected and uncovered, are attacked and wounded by the enemy"

"But in Canada, true fathers and mothers are being set in place, those who long to see the next generation surpass them in anointing, in authority, in every way. Under this covering and by God's grace," the next generation "will reverse the curse in Canada and build a new foundation.  God will grant them a spirit of humility and brokenness to walk in accountability with the fathers. The fathers will release a blessing over them."

 All us to remind you of this fact:  Divide the generations, and the Church will suffer defeat, unite the generations and the enemy will suffer defeat! 

 Ron Gray, leader of the Christian Heritage Party (Federal) and a member of IAOGI, on Wednesday afternoon, gave us a clear outline of every Christian's responsibility toward the parliamentarians who are presently ruled by an unjust justice system.  His claim is only 50% of Christians vote.  That is an alarming display of our lethargy in government and also applies to the business for Jesus Christ.  Ron Gray's fax is 604.859.9857;  phone 604.859.9851 should you desire to have him speak in your local church.

Wayne Frater, accompanied by his wife Linda, of Radium, B.C. was ordained to the Christian Ministry on Thursday evening! 

 Rev Arne Bryan

Southern British Columbia Secretary

Box 237

Surrey, B.C. V3T 4W8


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Children have a natural, uninhibited expression that blesses our hearts as parents.  God too must delight in seeing all generations worshipping during our corporate gatherings.   

James Ryle of Promise Keepers asked a grade 1 class how many of them were artists?  Every one of them raised their hand!  When he asked the grade 2's only half of them raised their hand.  By the time he reached grade 6 only one, perhaps two did.   He asked himself, who said you can't draw?  For that matter, who said you can't dance?  Who said you can't sing?  Who said you can't preach?  Who said you can't __ (fill in the blank).

Instead of encouraging our children to sit still, don't turn around, don't  wiggle, be quite all the while attempting to enter his presence why not have them enter in as well.  Children are very willing and wanting to express themselves.  We are rising up today's young warriors to be the generation that takes down the giants in the land.  Let us lead them on in the battle &ldots; during worship is one of those times.

My co-leader Laurie Spyker and I had no idea the 

expression of worship we now see when we first began.  It started off with a few children dancing in the aisles on Sunday mornings.  Soon more and more of them were gathering together, joining hands, the circle and energy getting bigger and bigger.  With the blessing of our pastors we saw a need for leadership and supervision!   

We began by coordinating the children at the front during worship, by singing, holding hands and waving a flag or two.  Little by little we tried new ideas.  Some Sundays we were totally amazed with what we saw and others we knew not to do again.  Preparation helps a lot.  (Making sure the bubble blowing liquid works before the service won't disappoint all the would be blowers)  Yes, we have blown bubbles!


When we receive the song list from the worship leader our thinking caps go on.  Email is an awesome and effective tool for obtaining the list!  The list of songs chosen by the leader will give you inspiration for what God is saying and how you may help direct the children. Sunday mornings we arrive 30 - 45 minutes early and bring out all of our instruments.  As the children start to arrive we encourage them to gather in the front of the auditorium.  We will ask them what God has been speaking to them during the week.  We will incorporate that into the expression of worship.

Have the parents bring their children 5 to 10 minutes early for this purpose helps.  A note in your bulletin is very helpful and it also informs any newcomers what it is you are trying to accomplish.

At times we join the worship team in prayer before the service.  Other times we gather in a side area and pray before the service starts. 

We also spit out any gum and put away all toys that may distract or entertain others.  

We may remind them what is appropriate behaviour and some of the rules we have implemented.  The most important reminder we can give them is how much God loves and approves of them!

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You have probably seen these.  They are simple homemade flags made with different colour material attached to sticks.  We now have 3 different sizes. We use the smallest ones for children 2 and under.  Medium sized ones for 3 years of age to grade 1 and large flags for grades 1 and over.  You will know once you start what sizes works best for your group of warriors.

We have been using these for quite some time and now encourage them on occasion to lead.  We will let them know it is little Becky's turn and that they must watch and do what she does.

Ribbon sticks

These are 3 foot lengths of ribbon attached to pieces of wooden dowling.  They are dramatic and effective, used much like the flags.


We found some shiny swords at the local Dollar Store.  The boys like to hold these up and make like warriors if the song is appropriate!

Bamboo Sticks

These are approximately 5 feet in length.  They are readily available and affordable!  I believe we paid two dollars apiece for them.  The children, especially the boys enjoy keeping the beat with them.  It is always best that one of the adults lead.  Remember to listen to the drummer, we never want to throw off the worship team!

During one of our services we had the children decorate them with colourful electrical tape.  They chose to put words on them like Truth, Justice, Mercy.  Talk about your powerful weapon when the "mercy stick" is beating!

One time the children formed the "Star of David" with them.  Another time they made the shape of the cross.  Sometimes we "clack" them together.

Tambourines, rhythm sticks, triangles

We use these when it is appropriate for a song.  


During the slower songs we may have the children draw.  We encourage them to draw what God is showing them.  We have a ready supply of paper, chalk, crayons, pencil crayons, scissors, play dough, you name it.  We use plain paper, construction paper, even roll ends of newsprint.  That is always fun to do!  We have on occasion rolled out a 15 foot length of paper for all the children to pick a spot and draw on.  Sometimes we hang it up when they are done, now everyone can enjoy it!

Occasionally we have asked an adult to come and draw on an easel while the children watch.  

This past Sunday for Father's Day we mounted a big banner on the wall that read "Happy Father's

Day, Father".  During the last song we had the children write their favourite scripture or word of thanksgiving on it. 


As you can tell the ideas are endless.  When children get involved and their God-given creative "juices" are flowing the expressions are endless.  I encourage you with your group of young warriors to worship as young hearts lead.  If the ideas don't work, oh well, try again.  They'll be ready with another idea!

All generations, all members of His family entering into His presence.

Who said you can't dance!

Donna Harned

(Article submitted by Rev Arlo Johnson)

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It's great to be a part of God's kingdom. We have found ourselves extremely busy these months with Kawartha Bikers Church, a ministry outreach by Eternal Riders M/M that reaches out to bikers and any others who wish to attend. Our services are extremely different as we do not have church pews or a pulpit. But then again the Bible does not say we must be uncomfortable at church and we try to make church fun to come too but still keeping the serious side of God. We do provide discussion on the Bible, issues in life, and Jesus Christ. We have had both salvations and people being filled with the gifts of the Spirit.  Our service is held on Monday evening including both fellowship and the word of the Lord. We finish the evening with a motorcycle ride to a donut shop or Dairy Queen.   Sounds like fun, it is and we are achieving getting the word out. By doing this we can provide rides to other happenings or other churches on the weekends to share this exciting ministry.

We also do a major outreach through a motorcycle ministry called Eternal Riders M/M. A ministry group who's main purpose is to share the word where ever a door is open. Doors open in places where we see very few others proceed.  An area where we see drugs, inhaling nitrous oxide, beer and liquor.  I am talking about motorcycle hardcore clubs, such as Hell's Angels, the Brotherhood, the Red Devils etc.  It has taken several years of going and going and going and going for us to have the doors swung open as they were just this month. We have been given the authority by the executive of various groups to go and share the Lord with members as the times become available.  We do go through all the pressures the police place even on us,

the bike checks, id checks.   We look at it as if we can only make a difference in one person's life we have done our job.

We have had the opportunity to pray over families, individuals going through problem times, family matters; there never seems to be an end to the needs.  This is a ministry that seems to take for ever to get that opportunity to share.  We have even heard that Eternal Riders are the only group Hells Angels will allow their members to talk and share with.   We have a Hells Angel tell us he is there to give us a covering of protection by his superiors. God has done a serious work and we are doing devil stomping every opportunity we can. I give respect to our riders both men and woman who come to these events to minister when that door is opened.  You see it is not good enough to just be there but you have to be available when ever the opportunity arises. No matter the situation or time.  We have seen discussions about the Bible in the wee hours of the morning to merely listening to someone just looking for comfort. The bikers today need prayer as they see a new way to get high and that is from nitrous oxide a gas we know as laughing gas but these bikers suck on a balloon filled with this stuff all weekend.  After  talking to a Doctor I learned the danger, the gas coats the inside of the lungs which decreases the intake of oxygen. The interior of the lungs get plugged up and there is no method of recovery just death.

If you would like to see our web site go to

Jesus is Lord!

Pastor Dave Neals

745 Eastdale Crt

Peterborough, ON K9H 7C6


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Recently I h ave come upon confusion of what Denominations are.  We call ourselves a Non-Denominational Fellowship; but what does that mean?  Some people say that a denomination is identified by a hierarchy, which dictates how a fellowship is to worship; and can exercise ultimate authority (such as removal and installing of a pastor).  Although these are signs of a denomination, a denomination can exist with or without these signs.

So what is a denomination and why is it bad? In the dictionary you will find that examples of denominations are: playing cards (i.e. hearts, diamonds); values of money (i.e. $1's, $5's) etc.  Denominations are simply structures with walls that divide. Walls are not necessarily bad but where we put these walls make them bad. Jesus was very clear where walls are to be put up and that was at unrepented sin.  If a persos a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding."  In other words Job is saying my spirit in me which has been given to me by God, cannot understand life unless the Almighty God gives to me a spirit of understanding.  It is so important that God shows everyone the importance of allowing God to speak into our spirit the revelation of His Word.  This is why God sent His Holy Spirit to us which is supposed to dwell in us, to teach us more perfectly the way of God.  Jesus said to us in John 14: 16,17; "And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever;  Even the spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you."

 This was His promise to us before He went away.

God is saying, I have made you different from all other creation.  When I formed you I put within you a spirit.  This spirit that I put within you is there for you to communicate with me. When you worship me you must do it from my spirit that I have put within you.  In order for this to happen you first of all have to have your spirit converted.  These are the words he spoke to Peter in Luke 22: 32 "When you are converted strengthen the brethren."  Here Jesus is saying to Peter, I want you to have a spirit change. Peter you are doing too many things from your soulish realm, rather than the spirit realm.  Peter I will use you to bring strength to your brothers and sisters.  Peter it must be my way rather than your way.  You will only know my way by allowing My Spirit that I put within you to give you a clear revelation of how I want things to be done.  This will not give us a spirit of knowing it all, but rather a teachable spirit.  A spirit that will not puff us up, but a spirit that will bring us into submission to the will of God and to one another.

This is a day when God is moving by His Spirit to show all of us that we must learn to allow Him to be Lord of our lives, not only in word, but in deed.  A day when we realize that we need each other.  There is no person that is an island to themselves.  We were made to be a part of the body.  We are not THE BODY, only a part of it.   All of us must learn to function in the place where God has placed us.  It is so important to know that God has given to us a tremendous responsibility as ministers.  Ephesians 4: 11,12; "And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;  For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:" v 13; "Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."  This is what God wants to do in each one of us. His will is to bring us to a place where He will be our Lord and Master, and we will be His servants, doing what He is asking us to do.  "Peter when you are converted strengthen the brethren." What a wonderful place to be in, doing what He is asking us to do, no more, and no less.

May the Lord bless you, and give you a very gracious summer.  Enjoy every minute of it.

Harry Wuerch

NOTE: We want all of you to read the minutes from our last national convention to see some of the changes made.  You are a great part of our fellowship, and as such we look forward to you presence at our annual convention. As changes are made, our wish is for you to have an input in these changes.  In the future you will see that if you do not attend either the National, or Provincial conventions, your association with the fellowship will be in question.  Your sponsoring church will be notified, and they will have to give a good reason why you are absent.  If the reason is not valid your membership could be in jeopardy.  We strive to have a fellowship that people care about.  Our desire is for you to be a part of this fellowship.

Rev Harry Wuerch

1211 Lancaster Street

London, ON N5V 2C4

Phone:  519-351-1751

Fax:  519-453-3258 



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International Logo

MY DEAR FRIENDS IN CANADAFrom the General Overseer IAOG International

 I believe we are living in the most momentous time of history.  Cataclysmic events are moving forward with "breathe taking" speed.  Morality seems to be a thing of the past, and certainly not in fashion.  Evil has seduced many and is

clothed in the garb of half-truths, self-satisfaction, and getting ahead at all cost.  Christians as well as the world are dazzled by the many enticements of avarice and greed.  It is considered by many that advancement and growth is the signature of success.  Advancement based upon the rational relative and situational ethics is in vogue; whereas Christian integrity of character seems to be relegated to some dark night of the past.

 With the fragmentation of the world around us as well as within the church, I find myself reflecting upon the words of Job as recorded in the nineteenth chapter and the twenty-fifty verse, "I know that my Redeemer liveth."

 In a world filled with godless ideologies, self-helps based upon ego-centric advantage, political systems being ruled by tyrants who act as if they are God incarnate, democracies operating with incredible dysfunction because the leadership has sold their personal and political integrity by selling out for personal gain, and then there is the ever prevailing prostitution of the "power to serve" for my "need for power".  Into such a room we are compelled to walk, but we can throw back the shutter of darkness and despair and catch a vision of hope -- knowing that at the end of God's day, He works all things well.  With Job, "I know that my Redeemer liveth."

 In a Church filled with many biases of spiritless leaders, major doctrines diluted by personal sentimentalities, conviction of and by the Holy Spirit of God, substituted by and for emotional persuasion; the true worship of Almighty God, replaced with and by entertainment -- the soul has been hyped, coddled, caressed, stroked to the point of "falling asleep", and all this because one wants to always feel good.  Maturity knows that feelings are relative our faith and commitment is based upon His Word.  In spite of such spiritual lethargy we can say, "I know that my Redeemer liveth."

 There is another Church filled with many who are hungry, ready, and eager to follow their Master where He leads.  Violation of integrity is unacceptable; worship is imperative and gives complete adoration to one's Creator instead of one's self.  They know that cultural and educational backgrounds, pursuit of individual preference are important, but relative; they have not place as to what God sees as the ultimate success in His Kingdom!  They are at their best tools in the Master's hand, not ours, and should never become the focus or end of our service.  At the end of our journey the question is not one of "doing" but "being".  Are we all that God has intended?  Do we walk humbly and in honour serve one another?  I would encourage all of you who are anointed and determined to please God at all costs -- the adversary is persistent and seems constant in his attack.  To the beleaguered soul, I bring the refreshment of God's Spirit and remind you dear friend, that at every difficult juncture you face in the diversity and enigmas of life, you can take hope, rise up in faith, and proclaim even as Job, "I know that my Redeemer liveth, and "Jesus never fails."

 It was an incredible honor for me to minister and serve you in Canada at your recent convention.  Thank you for your trust as well as the warmth of your love so readily experienced.  There are many things and areas being quickened by the Holy Spirit.  You are critical in God's Plan and in His scheme of things.  May God bless you richly.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

 Rev Philip A. Rasmussen, M. Div.

General Overseer

Independent Assemblies of God International

Santa Anna, Ca.

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2003 I.A.O.G.I. (CANADA) Conference

May 5 – 8th 2003, Chatham, Ontario

Host Pastors Rev Paul and Anna Mae McPhail

Wheels Inn was the meeting place, a vast expanse of guest rooms, meeting rooms, children's rooms, exercise rooms, swimming pools, hot tubs, steam rooms, gambling rooms, etc., etc. Let's just say it covers the waterfront.  This was a very hospitable place to stay.

The first work session (Monday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.) was scheduled for the executive secretaries from each region across Canada.   A very nice lunch was served on the spot so as not to interrupt our many serious deliberations.  This meeting prepares the agenda for the open general meeting for all the pastors attending.  Some new plans are put into place, some old ones revised.  This proved to be a very vital workshop to keep things in tune.

In the evening the conference really gets underway - a good turn out from across the nation.   Pastor Arlo Johnson from Prince George gave an excellent forum on mentoring our Younger Generation with great zest and vigour.  Praise and worship as a forerunner was given with genuine spiritual concern and gusto. Truly a first night worth attending with our leader Harry, at his super best as master of ceremonies with his word of knowledge.  It was a very nice gesture for the wives of the secretaries who arranged a get-together luncheon for themselves.

Tuesday 8:30 a.m. found many concerned ones where they ought to be, at the early morning prayer meeting.  Then we moved on to further incite regarding mentoring, fathering and counselling, which sometimes leads into deliverance and many other aspects in the lives of those who are called to lead.  Our God is able.  By noon we were ready for the well-prepared luncheon menu, which was certainly appreciated by all who participated.  This was a great time to get better acquainted.

 The afternoon was free.  Our evening session was well attended as the General Secretary of our U.S.A., counterpart brother, Phil Rasmussen, demonstrated to us with many of his personal and professional experiences extensively related to mentoring and teaching the many basics every Christian should have at their fingertips.  We are to have a godly word in season or out of season.  A prayer session was brought into focus.  It would be totally remise not to mention the tremendous volunteer efforts that produced an after meeting snack that was truly fit for the nobility it served, Ps. 16:3.  Paul and team, this was ‘par-excellence'.

Wednesday 8:30 a.m. finds the prayer team extensively diminished.  I'm not sure why 

 "O what things we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer".

By 9:30 a.m. our missionaries were given a chance to bring us all an update.  Evelyn Splane once again gave us a little picture of the latest difficulties of trying to minister the Christian gospel in India.  The need matches the severe difficulties under which Christians are requested to operate.

James Weller gave a powerful outline of Christian outreach in Russian territories.  It is more often easier there to present the Christian gospel than to some of our authorities here.  Thanks James for telling us about what the Lord is doing through missionaries like you.

This was followed by a clear-cut outline of some of the activities of missionaries into the Spanish speaking areas of Central America.  Thank you Lord for women of this calibre who with their zeal and ambition, inspired by your Holy Ghost fire, fill the gap to make it all happen.

Last but not least our own David Ellyatt, now heading up Arctic Missions in Eastern Canada, taking over from the father of Arctic Missions, John Spillenaar, brought us the down to earth daily facts of living and traveling in the tundra.The excitement of revival is hard to put into words; but David's enthusiasm helps portray the reality of it all.

Arne Bryan, Founder and Director of Prayer Canada was given a brief opportunity to share and head up the prayer time Wednesday morning. Arne and Kathie, now in their 26th year, are Prayer missionaries to Canada. Another delightful luncheon followed with a most enjoyable fellowship.

By 7 p.m. we're all gathered again for another spirit directed message from the esteemed leader of our fellowship from the U.S.A., Phil Rasmussen.

The praise and worship team did a fine job by setting us up with an on-fire spiritual touch.  

Next, a call for prayer for those with a special need - many were blessed and encouraged.  The after meeting snack was again served with all the mouth watering delicacies imaginable.  Another night of rest and relaxing brought us to our final day.  A prayer time ushered in our annual business meeting.  Thanks Harry for doing an excellent job of manoeuvring us through the necessities of business even in spiritual matters.  Our lunch period interrupted the final touches of business; but finally we were freed for a wonderful afternoon.

The final evening was, we believe, a very spirit filled success.  Thanks Phil for helping to make this conference a masterful success.  The Lord is able. (1 Thess.5:24)

 Rev Arne Bryan

P.O. Box 237

Surrey, B.C. V3T 4W8


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Text: Luke 6:37-42

I.  Definitions:   

1.  A mentor is an experienced and trusted advisor who transmits knowledge and skill to those desiring to be mentored.

4.  This personal relationship is one in which the mentor serves the mentored for the development of the mentored.     

II. Christian Mentoring Involves Two Components:                                                                   

1.  Knowledge, a system of ideas concerning Christian ministry. 

2.  Skill, pertaining to the practiced ability of Christian ministry.   

Bible Colleges of today require the development of the practical skills of Christian ministry on the backdrop of the acquisition of biblical knowledge.

Tradesmen of this world have, from ancient times provided apprenticeships for the transmission of knowledge and skill from a master craftsman to a trainee.

  Luke 6:40 NIV sets forth the concept that "a student...who is fully trained will be like his teacher." being precedes doing!  The teacher is not an instructor dispensing information, but a mentor providing formation.  Through formation the mentored takes on the likeness of the mentor.

III. Mastering Mentoring Involves: 

The overcoming of three obstacles in the life of the mentor:

1. The mentor must overcome the lack in their own lives.   Luke 6:40 is set in a parable recorded in Luke 6:39-42.  The parable begins by asking a question, "Can a blind man lead a blind man? Will they not both fall into a pit?"  If a craftsman doesn't know his craft, how can he train one who knows nothing of the craft?  The illustration of the speck of sawdust represents the lack of knowledge in the mentor and the mentored.  The speck and the plank are the same size (like a set of train tracks that are the same distance apart at one's feet as they are a mile down the track).  If the mentor is to deal adequately with the speck in the student's eye (lack of knowledge), he must first deal with the plank in his own eye (his own lack of knowledge).                                                                                   

2.  The mentor must overcome the insensitivity to the hurt of being corrected.  Having had the plank-like speck removed from his own eye, he is now sensitive to the hurt of such, and he can deal with it in the life of the mentored.  Paul, in 1 Corinthians 11:1 said, "Follow me as I follow Christ." 

 3. the Mentor Must Overcome the Desire to Dominate, so they can be filled With the Desire to Serve.  

Mastering Mentoring was modeled in Jesus Christ."  He was and is the master mentor!   Isaiah 42:1-3 (NIV) Verse one, "Behold my servant."  Verses 2-3

I. "He will not shout" There is an absence of dominance. 

        "A bruised reed he will not break."   The dominant generally take advantage of the weak, but not this servant of God

        "A smoldering wick he will not snuff out."  As a servant, he will trim it so that its' potential will be fully realized. 

         B.The Overcoming of Three Obstacles in the Life of the Mentored: Mark 10:35-45 (Matt. 20:20-28) & John 13:37; 14:1. 

If one is to be mentored, insecurity, jealousy, and fear are obstacles that must be overcome!  The acquisition of a father-mentor connection such as Jesus experienced in his baptism will enable you to overcome such obstacles.   (Luke 3:22)  Identity: You are my Son. Worth: Whom I love.  Affirmation: With you I am well pleased.  Such identity, worth, and affirmation comes first through God our heavenly Father, and then worked out through a spiritual father within the family of God.

Those first disciples were mentored by Jesus Christ, and became the first line mentors of the New Testament Church as recorded in the book of Acts.  God is calling us to continue the mentoring process in the Church of today!

Note:  This message was preached Monday evening at the Annual Convention in May, 2003.  A copy of the complete text may be requested by e-mail:   Rev Arlo Johnson at, or by mail at 11545 Family Place Road, Prince George, BC, V2N 6K4, Phone 250-560-5284, Fax 250-964-9604

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When we look at Job at the beginning of the book, we find a man who was upright, holy and blameless.   We also find a man who was deeply frustrated.  He was frustrated at his inability to impart his passion for God on to his kids.  Job was holy, but he wasn't a real effective mentor.  His first ten children were party animals (Job 1:4-5).  Job was personally blameless,

but he couldn't impart his faith to his children.  It almost seems like a contradiction, and yet it is a very common syndrome even today.  Job 12:4 – He prayed and God answered.  Can you hear Job praying "God what will it take to reach my kids?  I pray that You do whatever You need to do in me to enable me to lead them into a passionate pursuit of God.  Change me Lord.  Make me into a spiritual mentor.  Bring me to a higher dimension in you."

 To bring Job to a higher place, God had to revolutionize his mentoring model and his framework of who a mentor is and what he does.  God had to change Job's being and personhood.  This kind of radical personal transformation happens only in the furnace of intense heat and pressure.  In other words, God was renewing Job's wineskin. Mark 2:22- "And no one puts new wine into old wineskins or else the new wine bursts the wineskin, the wine is spilled and the wineskin is ruined.  But new wine must be put into new wineskins."  You can do one of two things to an old wineskin.  You can either discard it or you can recondition it.  To recondition an old wineskin so that it becomes soft and flexible is a very difficult task.  God chose Job for new wine, but he had to totally recondition his wineskin first.  If not Job would have never been able to handle the new thing God wanted to do with him. 

The process God uses in preparing an old wineskin for new wine is severe and extremely intense.  To prepare an old wineskin for new wine includes violent processes such as rubbing oil (passionately) into the wineskin, rolling and stretching the skin vigorously and placing it on the ground and pounding on it.  After a little bit of that, we think we've had enough, but God knows we still need more pounding.  Psalms 119:83- "For I have become like a wineskin in smoke, yet I do not forget Your statutes."  Smoke will ruin a wineskin.  It penetrates the wineskin like a dye and will distort the flavour of the wine.  The psalmist here is having his wineskin renewed or reconditioned by God, and he is feeling the painful intensity of the renewing process.  In his distress he feels like God is ruining him. (When God is renewing your wineskin you will feel like it is more than you can bear and you will not recover.)  But despite his cry because of how intense things are the psalmist has the right response.  He clings to God's word.  As God reworked Job's wineskin, Job responded with fasting.  (Job 6:6-7; 23:12)  Fasting is one of the violent responses that you must use if your wineskin is being renewed.  Not fasting as a dutiful fast, but fasting as an act of mourning and humbling oneself before God, and as a way of intensifying one's pursuit of God.

 Job was very puzzled, confused and filled with uncertainty because he could not understand "why" this was happening to him.  It's when we don't understand "why" that the quality of our love is tested and purified.  God used perplexity to recondition Job's wineskin and will use perplexity again in the last days to totally recondition His servants to change their mentoring model, and to accelerate their maturity and passion for Jesus.  Spiritual mentors are those who come to know god in His boundless, sovereign, eternal glory and splendor.  Spiritual mentors have had to seek God's face with total surrender and as a result have gone through spiritual change where they are immersed into the knowledge of God in a new and living way.

 Job 14:14- "All the days of my hard service I will wait, till my change comes."

Job was committed to waiting on God.  Waiting on God is the hottest flame.  It can be absolutely excruciating.  When the heat is on everyone is watching, and your circumstances are crying out for immediate action and all God says is "Wait".  It doesn't get any hotter than that.  Waiting is a critical element in bringing us to the highest peaks of spiritual promotion.  Waiting is essential if we are ever to step into God's time zone.  We will always be frustrated with God's timetable until we're immersed into the knowledge of His ways.  This only comes by waiting.   There is only one way to learn endurance and patience and that is through waiting.  Waiting is the hottest flame that when embraced properly it becomes the catalyst to an accelerated learning curve.  It was necessary that the season be long enough in order to totally rework Job's wineskin and transform him into a genuine spiritual father.  As Job waited upon God, the thing that Satan intended to use to bring him down was the very thing God used to make him perfect.  Job 23:15'16- "Therefore I am terrified at His presence: when I consider this, I am afraid of Him.  For God made my heart weak, and the Almighty terrifies me."  The fear of the Lord properly understood is terrorizing.  Job did not rightly fear God on his own.  He needed help from God if he was to be baptized into the fear of the Lord.

When God touches your life and takes something away from you, you experience the terror of the Lord.  He who touches this one little area of your life is capable of touching so much more.  If His loving hand is this painful, what would His hand of judgement be like?  Paul wrote of two factors which motivated him to reach out to the lost as Christ's ambassador.  2 Corinthians 5:11- "Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men."  2 Corinthians 5:14- "For the love of Christ compels us."  Paul was motivated by both the terror of the Lord and the love of Christ.  The terror of the Lord pushed him and the love of Christ pulled him.  He had to preach the gospel!  We will always lack motivation to touch the lost until we know both the terror of the Lord and the love of Christ. 

Job was awakened to a new dimension of the fear of the Lord which is an essential element to equip him to become an effective spiritual mentor.  Through all of this Job still doesn't understand what God is doing in him.  God is changing his very person.  His motives, values and priorities are changing.  His concept of spiritual parenting is being totally revamped.  He will emerge in the end with an entirely new approach to mentoring that will enable him to mentor a generation that will be radically different from his first ten children.  The truth is that many great spiritual leaders of the bible struggled with the inability to impart their spirituality to their children.  Samuel reared sons that were dishonest and greedy (1 Samuel 8:3-5).  Three of King David's sons (Absalom, Adonijah and Amnon) perished prematurely because of their lust, anger and selfish ambition.  Jacob also reared sons that did not follow after their father.  But Jacob learned after his encounter with God to always cry out for help and wisdom.  We don't need mentors who know what they're doing, we need mentors who have been broken of their self-confidence and who have become dependent upon God for every move they make.  The reason for Jacob's pain at Peniel was because God needed a Joseph.  To get a Joseph, God needed a mentor who could raise up a Joseph.  Joseph's just don't happen, they're mentored.  Spiritual mentors leave a legacy to the next generation as an example and pattern which helps the next generation co-operate with God's shaping process.  God did in Job the same thing He did in Jacob at Peniel.  He used Job's distress to prepare him for a totally new dimension of spiritual mentoring.  Redemptive history will end with a generation of leaders who will come into apostleship through affliction.  These apostles will be equipped to raise up a godly generation that will usher in Christ's second coming.  God is going to restore incredible manifestations of power to his last day's servants, but He will not do it without first taking them through the furnace.  The process will be painful, but the furnace will produce something glorious; servant leaders who have been entrusted to perform the greater works in order to raise up an end time generation that pursues its spiritual inheritance with violence.  "This is the bride for which Jesus is returning!"

Richard Wuerch

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May 5-8th, 2003 at Chatham, Ontario

We are pleased to report that the Lord met us in a wonderful way at the Convention.  Each service was well attended, and the presence and power of the Lord was with us, and spoke to us.

We were pleased to see so many in attendance from across the land.   There were 300 seats set up in the auditorium, and from the beginning most of the seats were filled.

Monday evening Rev. Arlo Johnson from British Columbia was the speaker.  He spoke on Mastering Mentoring.   General Secretary Harry Wuerch spoke on Tuesday morning and blessed us with his deep understanding of the Word.   

Tuesday through Thursday Brother Philip Rasmussen spoke each night.  His messages spoke to us about being honest before God.  He expanded on Mastering Mentoring.  He also spoke to us about soaring with the eagles.  He encourages us to expect great things from God, and see the glory of the Lord in these last days as never before as promised.   We were blessed and we were inspired by his messages.  

The business meeting on Thursday saw a few changes to the operations of the Independent Assemblies of God Canada.  A by-law was passed which states in order to maintain credentials with the Independent Assemblies of God Canada a credential holder must attend a National Convention one out of every three years.  It was suggested that this rule will be enforced through the local church who signed for the minister.  The purpose of the by law is to encourage fellowship and not just credential holders.  That the fellowship is a fellowship of ministers and if the credential holders do not want to fellowship then they essentially have joined the wrong organization, because the Independent Assemblies of God Canada is a fellowship of ministers.  Rev. Paul McPhail was elected to the post of Southwestern Ontario Regional Secretary.

 During the Convention, the musical worship team was lead by Greg Hamilton and his wife, of Ontario who lead the worship each night, and Mrs. Hamilton played piano.   The Lord blessed us in worship.  Rev. Jason Harris, pastor from Cottam, Ontario accompanied on the guitar, and drums were played by Rev. Hillier of Newfoundland and Dianne Bell of Chatham. 

Wednesday evening an ordination service was conducted for the team of Rev. Hillier and his wife of Bay Roberts, Newfoundland. 

 Brother Bill Hillier and his wife have been pastoring for approximately 12 years in their Church.   Our prayer is that they will continue to be blessed in their work for God in that part of the vineyard.

Special music was sung throughout the Convention by Pat Russell of Mississauga, Paul and Anna Mae McPhail of Chatham.  The Quintet was sung by Brother and Sister Rev Edwards of Mississauga, Rev Joseph and Ina Samuels of Scarborough, Ontario. Gordon Switzer and Rev Anna Mae McPhail both of Chatham. 

Rev Leo-Paul Guenette, interpreted each service from English to the French.  As always he was a blessing to the entire conference.  He led worship Thursday morning in both French and English accompanying himself on the keyboard. 

Tapes of the services are available by request at the cost of $4.00 per tape.   Eight tape series for $30.00 plus postage.   

Contact:  Rev Paul McPhail,

Box 653, Chatham, Ontario, N7M 5K8, 

Phone 519-352-1743, Fax 519-351-6070 or e-mail:

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Ephesians 5:25-27 

There is much preaching these days about the Lord's coming.  It seems in the above Scripture, the church Jesus is coming back to still needs some cleansing and washing of the Word.  Yet, in talking with many people, it appears almost everyone who is truly seeking to do God's will is being prodded by the Holy Spirit to improve their love life.  Sanctification, although always a working entity in our lives, seems to be in high gear in the course of the Holy Spirit workings.

As leaders, we sometimes, if not always, are on the cutting edge of what God is doing in His church.  It is an awesome responsibility to keep in step with the Spirit.  Our love life is always being tested.  These tests do not come from the devil but from God.  He, in His sovereignty, tests us so He can raise us up to another level in Him.

 I run across people all the time who are wounded and have given up on church.  Maybe it is because they have put too much faith in a church building or a denomination or possibly a leader instead of Christ.  What is the reason for this?  It seams too easy to say that they are just not committed to Christ.  Most of these people have been battered by life and the world and possibly expected utopia in a church building.  Of course it isn't a building or denomination but it is an intimate relationship with Jesus which keeps us.  The church is a living organism where every part from the most prominent leader to the most seemingly insignificant church member is equal in God's eyes.  It is interesting Paul would compare the covenant of marriage to our covenant with Christ.  No wonder one of Satan's strategies is to destroy marriages. 

 "And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church 

and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."

Matthew 16:18 (KKJV)

 The Greek word for Peter in the above scripture is Petros that means (a piece of) rock, whereby the word rock in Greek is Petra that means (mass of) rock.  Jesus was referring to Peter as being a piece of the rock (Christ and His church).  When we build our relationship on the rock of Christ, then each member will fit perfectly together with Jesus being the chief cornerstone.  The bond that keeps altogether is the bond of love.

  So our responsibility is to expound on the character and love of God by always points them to an intimate relationship with Jesus.  Then and only then will Christians be focused on the Only One who can build His church.  His name is Jesus Christ.  Each member is a Petros (a piece of rock) who when fitted together in love causes the church to become glorious without spot or wrinkle.


Rev Georgina Packer 

3 Washington Cres Apt 206 

Elliott Lake, ON P5A 2X1


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I was re-reading my copy of the last Canadian Mantle it came across my mind that all the contributors are good writers. Of course I realize that as pastors and ministers, writing is "standard equipment" whether some are born with it or others have learned it as part of The Calling.

It warms my heart to read from all of you who have something to share, report and announce. It is indeed a pleasure to be part of such a "cloud of witnesses" on this planet. I praise the Lord for His faithfulness and for His opening doors to start the new Chapel of the Link School of Ministries in Campbell River, BC. He is providing – slowly but surely – dedicated people to be part of this (His) work and we are so grateful. If you are visiting this area, we meet for Worship Sundays at 10:30 am.

Although financially, it is always difficult to begin a new work "from scratch" as many of you remember from your own experience, we trust Him as we remember the confirmations of His calling that prompted us to start the work in obedience.  Please pray for this new work for His name's sake.

I am reminded of one of my favorite passages of Scripture that keeps me doing my work, Jude v.20-23: "But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."

Indeed we are a "peculiar people". May the Lord bless you richly.

Rev. Dr. Diane Hoffmann is president of the Link School of Ministries and founder of the Link Chapel in Campbell River, BC. Along with her husband Harold, Diane also provides a Country/Bluegrass Gospel Music ministry to community groups.

 Web site can be visited at .  

Rev Diane Hoffman, 365 Glacier Cres Campbell River,B.C.V9W 6H1                          E-mail:                          Phone: 250-923-1136

 Rev Dr Diane Hoffmann, Both Math Ph.D. Th. (conc.)

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Psalm 84:5-6

I have for many years been involved in experiential learning.  For many learning has taken place in the sterile environment of the classroom.  This is true not only for the academic who plies his/her new vocation in the fields of social work, psychology, criminology and sociology, but in the world of pastoral care as well.  Young men and women study the word of God in theological institutions and enter into their new found professions without a real taste of life.  Christ Jesus was a man like unto all men.  He put off the cloak of royalty and put on the mantle of His creation.  He experienced life for thirty three years, then for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame and is set down at the right hand of God.

My own calling to ministry has been forged in the cauldron of life.  I was raised in abject poverty, the second child of a single parent who conceived in a desperate attempt to save her failing marriage.  Growing up in the homes of those my mother cleaned and cared for, I have little recollection of a real stable environment.  My formative years were spent in a skid row hotel in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

My mother did her best with what she had.  But, she found it impossible to protect me throughout the long nights and even longer days when she would have to wash floors and clean dirty toilets for the drunks that inhabited our lives.  It is not that my memories are all bad, but they are to be seen through the lens of police visits and drunks fighting on the stairs.  My mother always tried to protect me from the reality of the world we lived in, and her own guilt became a familiar tool that we wielded like a club to ensure my safety.

I spent my summers in the home of my mother's sister.  It was felt that I would be safer in the small farming community of Rocanville than on the streets of Swift Current.  Summer finally extended itself into the school year where mom thought I would be more comfortable than in the home of her father where she had gone to care for him in is dying year.  But guilt again played a roll and my mother married to provide me with a father.  Her second marriage, one of convenience failed after we all discovered that Andy has a previous marriage and partner still in Poland.  The marriage was annulled and mother returned to the west coast where her father lie dying, this time with me in tow.

The displacement had a price.  I was unable to keep up in school, and eventually failed.  Under mother's direction I tried a couple of things: living with my sister, taking trades training as a barber, following my father into the RCAF, none of it worked, and unable to stand up to the pressure of failure and my own imperfections, I ran away.  I chose to live on the street where I had some choice of what I would do and where I would sleep.  I did what had to be done and I survived.  Though it meant certain suffering, there was a certain resiliency that comes to street children that fed my desire to live.

While I wanted desperately to live the constant pain of living took another toll.  I began to abuse drugs and alcohol to hide the pain.  My chosen lifestyle found me in jail and the dark bars of a prison cell became reality.  During the two years I spent in jail I learned the second trade that I would never use, not because I was incompetent, but because of the fear and intolerance of the so-called free world.  Driven back to the street I found comfort in the friends that were perhaps the most abusive people in the world, but at least I felt understood and accepted.

The one bright spot in my desperate struggle was a parole officer who had the courage to challenge me to be all that I could be.  Not welcome at the time, his challenge became the ignition point of my life.  I eventually returned to school, but drugs and alcohol continued to hide the truth not only from others, but from myself as well.  A motor vehicle accident resulted in the loss of a job and the beginning of real depression.  For the next two years I spent more time in front of the TV than on the street.

I developed acrophobia and meeting people became almost impossible, so the meeting of Marilyn is a miracle.  

Marilyn was a young woman that I found myself attracted to, she was to say, at the very least, beautiful.  We met through the ministry of the Salvation Army and I found myself for the first time in years, going to church.  I wanted to be close to Marilyn and would do anything that would get me there.  So, an invitation to church was an excellent opportunity to sit close.  The invitation to the Son Life Production on March 9, 1977 was no exception.  I went to be close to this wonderful woman who accepted me for who and what I was.  She never asked me to change.  She wanted simply to love as Christ had loved her.  Marilyn took a moment in the production to give testimony, and I will remember the physical and emotional sensation of seeing a golden hue about her head for the rest of my life.  But I was not ready for what I saw and I bolted out of the church.  I jumped into my car, jammed it into gear and sped away, thinking that I would escape the apparition that I saw.  But like the Hound of Heaven Christ had begun to relentlessly pursue me, and there in the car as I drove down Imperial Drive in Vancouver that same golden hue began to form above me.  I can only explain the next few moments as liquid love being poured out upon my being.  I knew this to be God and I surrendered to His love.

My conversion found me fostering a new desire to work with lonely and abused children, and I found my way to the One Way Adventure Foundation where for 14 years serving Christ among the most abused of children.  During the years I spent there I completed studies in Child and Youth Care and Outdoor and Wilderness Recreation.  In 1986 I applied for and received a full pardon for my criminal activities of the 60's and 70's and returned to the prison that held me as a prisoner advocate with M2/W2, again finding myself among the wounded.  In 1988 I applied to Regent College and in two years completed a Master's Degree in Christian Studies with my thesis on Homeless and Runaway Children and the Mission of the Church.

I supported my growing family with work in the Salvation Army and as a Reconnect Worker on the streets of Vancouver, I found myself searching for a vocation that would keep me in touch with the lonely and demarginalized.  I eventually found my way to a work among the First Nations of British Columbia where I continue to discover the pain of vulnerable people drawing me closer to Jesus.

I have come face to face with the legacy of the residential schools.  I have been witness to the violence blamed on addictions.  I have seen the darkness of prison, and I have seen the light of hope lived out in the lives of those who serve as wounded healers.  I have seen and bear witness to the power of the gospel to change lives, to heal the past, and to hold promise for the future.

Today, as I reflect on the journey, I think of the wilderness faced by the Hebrew children.  Often lost and alone God provided them with the Levites who would carry them into the holy of holies upon their shoulders.  Today, I am both a holy and royal priest, redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, restored into full fellowship with God the Father, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, whose presence not only washes me, but enables me to be all that I was created to be and empowers me to do all that He has called me to do. 

He chose to lay aside His glory, and take up the mantle of humanity.  When I consider where my journey has taken me, I to see that I have a choice and I choose to work among the poorest of the poor, for in them I remember my own beginnings and know the redemptive power of the Wounded Healer.   "And if I say, ‘I will not remember him, or speak any more in His name, then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire, shut up in my bones."  (Jeremiah 20:9)

There is a special place in my heart for Regent College.  I came to Regent as a mature student in 1988.  Married with two small children, working on the street among the most lost and hurting I was once again struggling to survive.  This time however, there was lots of help.  I can't tell you exactly what helpmate means in the Hebrew, but in my life it means sacrifices of a wonderful partner to ensure that we had a hold on life that would allow me to be all that I can be.  It means Jesus in the flesh.  In the end there was the College itself that gave a scholarship which paid off most of the debt that I still owed.  Life since then has not been easy.  We have suffered through a personal bankruptcy, five years of unemployment and what seems like a lifetime of waiting.  But the waiting is, the lot of the people of God.

I am providing a small scholarship as a way of saying thanks to the College, and hope that over the years the scholarship will grow.  It is my fervent pray that his simple gesture will make the journey possible for one more person each year and the possibility of saying thank you once more for the privilege of helping. 

Arnet Hales, MCS, CACE, CPM

Community Chaplain, 

North Island Chaplaincy Initiative

Box 1845

Port Hardy, BC VON 2PO

Phone 250-949-9542, Fax 250-902-0519


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Brother Marvin Jones of North Bay has advised us that there will be no Conference this Fall at Faith Chapel in North Bay.

They are in the midst of a building program and have will be in the midst of this project during this time.  Please keep the brethren at North Bay in prayer in their great work for God in that part of the vineyard.

* * * * * * * *


Greetings in the Precious Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Anna Mae and I wish to thank twenty people, who have contibuted articles to the CANADIAN MANTLE in the last year.  We also wish to thank, Brother Leo-Paul Guenette and Brother Marc Loehn, who joined him in translating the MANTLE into French.


If you have not received an e-mail from us, please send us your current e-mail address?  We wish to be in contact with you regarding prayer requests and other notices.  Thank-you.

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The LORD is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.  The LORD upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.  Psalm 145:  14

 Have you ever had a relationship with someone who was faithful?  You knew you could depend on that person to do what they said.  You learned that their word was completely trustworthy.  If they said they would call you, they would.  If they said they'd be somewhere at a certain time, they'd be there.  In fact, if they were late you began to wonder if they had an accident because it was so contrary to their nature.  It's great to have friends who are faithful.

 God is faithful.  He is faithful to fulfil every promise in His Word.  Sometimes we think God isn't faithful because it appears he has not fulfilled a desire that we have.  Sometimes we think He is not faithful because of a crisis event that seems to say God isn't faithful.  We must remember that God is more concerned about accomplishing His ultimate purpose in the life of every believer rather than giving us the desire of our heart.  Sometimes this results in hardship.

 The Bible is full of accounts of the faithfulness of God that was often accompanied with hardship.  He brought Joseph out of slavery to be greatly used in a nation.  He delivered the people from Egypt and brought them into the Promised Land.  He gave Abraham the son of promise late in his life.  He delivered David from his enemies and made him a king.  In story upon story we learn of the faithfulness of God.

 Are you a faithful man or woman of God?  The world needs FAITHFUL MEN AND WOMEN OF GOD.  Take an inventory of your life today and ask God if you have been faithful with the ministry that He has entrusted to you.

 Yours in Christ,

 Paul & Anna Mae McPhail

P.O. Box 653, Chatham, Ontario N7M 5K8

Tel 519-352-1743

Fax 519-351-6070 



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 the Independent Assemblies of God International [Canada]

The purpose of the publication is to edify the Body of Christ and to be a vehicle for communication between members. 

 It is published three times per year.

  Please send inquiries to the attention of

Editors:  Rev Paul and Anna Mae McPhail

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A vision can be a dream, goal, plan or direction that one has been given.

Visions can come from us, the devil or from

the Holy Spirit. But here we are going to dwell on God given visions.  When God gives a vision no mater how small or how big he will give the resources to realize this dream.

But how can we know if our vision is of God?

Psalm 85:8 says "I will hear what God the Lord will speak for he will speak peace unto his people and to his saints.  If the vision that you have is from God, you will have peace in your heart. You may not know it will come to pass or how you are going to fulfill this dream but you will have a peace that passeth all

understanding in your heart. If you don't have peace in your heart regarding your vision then its time to seek the face of God in prayers and fasting.  Unless God is actually involved no vision can be accomplished. In Zechariah 4:6, it states regarding the vision given unto Zerubbabel: "not by might, not by power but by my Spirit says the lord of hosts."  Psalm 127:1 says "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it."   I Samuel 2:9 says: "For by strength shall no man prevail". And our lord Jesus says in John 15:5 "Without me ye can do nothing.

Someone might say that I have this beautiful idea that I have and I don't really know if this is God's vision or plan for me. How do I know if this is God given?

 The only way you can really ever know is to ask the Lord. The Bible says in Jeremiah 33:3 "Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not." God has said that he will answer you, trust me he will answer you. Also God will not give you anything that is in contradiction to the Bible.

 The Bible says in Philippians 2:13 "It is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure".

If God has not given you a specific vision or  dream does not mean he loves you less or that you are not good enough. The truth is none of us is good enough for the "King of Glory". And He has given everyone a mandate, love your neighbour as yourself, be dependable, don't judge those you do not understand but rather pray for them, love the sinner but hate the sin and tell others what the Lord has done for and in you.

 As you do these little things our heavenly father will reveal greater things unto you.


Pastor Joshua Agbey

C/o 7315 – 115th Street

North Delta, B.C. V4C 5M6

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We have regular fasting and biblical fasting.   Regular fasting is good for diet, medicinal cure, purge, hunger strike.  Biblical fasting is abstinence and prayer. It is taught and recommended to Christians.   It is not a demand but a necessity.   It is a physical response to a spiritual desire.   It is a battle between flesh and Spirit. [I Corinthians 7:5

Galatians 5:17]


 1]   Complete fasting: You spend 24 hrs or more without food.

 2]   One day fasting: You spend sun rise to sun set without food.

 3]   One meal fasting: abstaining from one meal per day.  [breakfast or supper] 

4]   Daniel fasting:  You abstain from heavy foods, meats, and wine. You eat vegetables, fruits, or you drink juice.  Dan 10: 2, 3.   You may fast with water or without water, but it is preferable to drink water.   We have examples of fasting without water. Jonah 3:7 (also Moses, Elijah)


  To take advantage of fasting we must have a spiritual preparation: a kind of purge with the scriptures.  According to Dr Gregory Frizzell, there are 7 sins to be confessed:  Sins of thought, attitude, relation, speech, commission, omission, self reliance, and sins of self rule.

 After the spiritual preparation, God may reveal to you some sin to be confessed.  If the sin is against God confess it to Him and make things right to Him.  If the sin is against a person,

confess it to God, and make things right with the other person.   If the sin is against a group, confess it to God, and make things right with the group.


 After 3 days or more of fasting, we must take some light meals equal the numbers of days fasting.   It is very important for Christian to fast according to Lord Jesus. Matt 17:21 However, this kind of demon does not go out except by prayer and fasting.

Looking for growth through evangelism?  A one day soul winning is a right tool for your church. It is a 4 hour workshop followed with 2 hours of practice on the street.


 Rev Rosemond Jean

 Eglise Evangelique Eben-Ezer

150 Donald St, Ottawa ON, K1K 1M9

Tel (613) 745 3246


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The Compassion Fund is a ministry of compassion to the families

of Ministers of the Lord Jesus who are promoted to Glory.


This is not a life insurance, but a biblical way of ministering to a loved one with a gift of condolence in time of need.

The ministry of compassion functions to collect gifts of money from participating members to give to the beneficiaries named by the participating member who has died.


One-time registration fee of $10.00

A contribution of $10.00 will be paid to the ministry of compassion fund 

when you are notified of the death of a fellow participating member. 

Notification will be sent when a fellow subscribing member dies 

so that you may contribute as an expression of compassion and love.

For an application write: 

Compassion Fund

1795 Parkhurst Avenue, London, Ontario N5V 2C4